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Velkommen til Alpha i ÅVM!

opstart d.21. september

If you want to strengthen and develop the love and friendship in your marriage or permanent relationship, then "7 Dates" is an obvious option. The course provides competent teaching into life as a couple, and is relevant both if you are struggling with the relationship, but also if you want to give the relationship a good overhaul and ensure fruitful conversations in the relationship.

The teaching takes place on the big screen and is of very high quality with examples from people's real lives.  It takes place in Aarhus Congregation's church hall, which is covered by 2-pers. tables, background music and cozy lighting, where you can talk undisturbed together.  

You can expect to get some tools to break bad habits, tackle challenges and get help to talk about things that can be difficult - but developing.  

Each pair talks together along the way and the teaching is based on each pair talking together along the way and doing simple exercises. You will also be encouraged to do a little homework each time: exercises in being proactive and actually practicing what you have gained insight into.

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