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We have two church services every Sunday. Our services are a modern take on the traditional services held in the Danish state church, with live music and worship, a sermon, communion and fellowship. The church services are an opportunity for us to gather together across all age groups, backgrounds and ethnicity.



In the Aarhus Congregation, it is possible to be baptized at services on Sundays and a fixed monthly baptismal service on Saturdays. If you want to be baptized or have your child christened, you must contact the secretariat to arrange a date. You will then be contacted by the pastor, who will be in charge of the baptism, to find a time for a baptismal interview.  

Contact the secretariat at or at 86122835 during office hours.



In AAVM, we confirm young people in 7th grade, as is the tradition in the Danish National Church. Prior to confirmation, a school year of confirmation preparation is carried out with a focus on introduction to the Christian faith, the Bible, spiritual practices, what it means to be a 'church', etc. It all ends with the confirmand's public confession, anointing and intercession for a festive service.



Marriage is free if one of you is a member of the church. First, contact the priest you want to perform the wedding and then the secretariat regarding room booking.

Prior to marriage, preparatory marriage talks are offered with a mature couple. 

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In AAVM, you can have a funeral and burial of your loved ones, if you or the person in question is connected to the church. Relatives can contact one of the pastors if they wish for a funeral/burial and also if they want a memorial service on the church's premises. The church can also be made available in cases where you want another pastor in the national church to be in charge of the church act.

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