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10 am
Welcome to our 10AM services. During this service there is Children's church for all ages. There is, however,  not usually translation to English during this service.

12.30 pm
There is always translation to English during the 12:30 service. There is also a "children's lounge".


We strive to make all of our 12:30 services as internationally friendly as possible.
There is always translation into English during this service, English worship songs, and the chance to meet other internationals. Contact the translator at the back of the church hall to get a headset so you can hear the translation.


In addition to our church services, we also have an active international community. Read more about this community below.

Handicap access to church services

There is access for the disabled to the church services. Contact a pastor or church warden if you need to use the church's electronic disability elevator.

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