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MadeInHope Manilla v. Michelle Tolentino

Since the end of 2019, we have been partnering with MadeInHope in Manilla, which is led by Michelle Tolentino.  Through the partnership, we have committed to support the project with min. DKK 25,000 a year, which we collect through our collections. 

In 2020, we at ÅVM succeeded in supporting the project with DKK 66,000 through several beautiful collections.  

MadeInHope works to get women out of trafficking and prevent sexual abuse of women and children. At the moment they have approx. 70 women who are in their program and approx. the same number of children that they help. Here, it helps women achieve viability, self-sufficiency and the ability to raise children and ensure that their children receive education and opportunities. Over the last 4 years, they have taught over 5,000 children how to avoid and prevent sexual exploitation.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, they have repeatedly sent emergency aid out to the women and their children, to ensure their survival, education and well-being during the lockdown.  

SheWORKS (Women Of Reliability, Knowledge and Skills)

She Works is a training program for Women Survivors (It is the term for women rescued from trafficking) who have leadership potential, and a heart to reach out to their community


She Works has 4 main areas 

She LEADS:  Leadership and mentoring skills
The aim is to develop leadership and mentoring skills in women


She Works: Support
The purpose here is to enable women to support themselves by practicing skills that can provide an income. 

She Acts: Awareness training
The purpose is to equip women to take co-responsibility for their community, church and organizations.

She Cares: Helping Children
The purpose is to support and sponsor children of female survivors, and help them to integrate life

It is possible to read even more on MadeInHope's website here


In addition to working with women, Michelle is the Radio Host of one of Manila's most popular Christian children's radio shows, which airs every Saturday with children with thousands of listeners from Manila.

How can I help?

We collect donations for MadeInHope approx. 5 times a year where you have the opportunity to give financially. You can also always contact the ÅVM staff if you want to support financially at other times.

If you want to know more or be more involved in the project, please contact David Viftrup at, who has the contact to Manilla


MadeInHope In clusters and communities
It is also possible to get an Online presentation for your cluster, with Michelle Tolentino, who would like to contribute her knowledge about trafficking and the challenges women face. Contact David Viftrup if this is of interest.

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